Educational Congress


Attending an Educational Congress is a life changing event.

Participating at all stages of congress development allows students to explore their talents and discover their passions. As the event culminates in a congress that allows them to advocate for their ideas and share the rationale behind their thinking and supporting it with research, they are transformed into critical contributors to their community and beyond. They experience negotiating, listening to other’s opinions and needs, understanding how a given action will affect others, including the unintended consequences, and finally, collaborating to develop a viable idea that can be implemented in their community to change the issue at hand.

Imagine the colorful future we could behold if empowered with the right tools.

We provide the youth and their mentors with the tools they need in order to develop an educational congress. These Educational Congresses provide youth the opportunity to explore real health, wellness, medical and biomedical problems; conduct research in preparation for the congress; and propose programs to be carried out in their community. During the Educational Congress, they communicate and exchange ideas with other students, community members, and other participants. Through these interactions, their understanding of the problem and proposed solution changes to one that is more feasible in the real world. Together, they challenge each other to think through all the logistics of the programs they are proposing and how they will obtain buy-in from stake holders.

Why the youth? Because many of the issues such as childhood obesity, teen pregnancies, smoking, alcohol and drug use, school violence, bullying, eating disorders, among others directly affect them. Shouldn’t we be engaging them in finding the solution? What we have done so far, hasn’t worked very well. Perhaps, if we give our youth a voice, we might learn something from them.

In order to attract youth into the fields of science, medicine and biomedicine or biotech, we must peak their curiosity early and excite their inquisitive minds. What better way to get then excited than to allow them to participate in proposing solutions that will affect all of us and really listening to what they have to say?

What if we plant some seeds in these young minds? What will we sow tomorrow?

We are empowering youth through educational experiences for a brighter, more colorful tomorrow.